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I'm fine with an SLR. The little camera has a large, bright, contrasty finder, and I like accurate framing, as I shoot transparency mostly. Plus it's very inexpensive, and I can use one of several short zooms if I want to. I'm partial to the SMC-M 24-35 f/3.5 on the ME Super. I'm less likely to get mugged for the camera, and if it happens I can replace it easily.

For most work I want a camera with DoF preview, but for broad landscapes and street I don't really need it. The Super just grew on me, though I would never keep it instead of the MX, LX, or other camera with DoF preview, plus other things like interchangeable focusing screens. On rare occasion, I do want to check DoF with the Super, so I press in the lens release button and rotate the lens like I'm taking it off until the diaphragm closes. After I check I just turn the lens back until it locks. It's funky but it works. The lens has a ways more to go until it could fall off, so being reasonably careful there's no problem.
Humm, interesting trick. If it works on the ME Super it should work on my K1000. I'll try it.