Konica had an excellent line up lens, all of which are very sharp. Several Japaness fans claim that the Japaness Government used Konica 50mms as the bench mark for evaluating all 35mm lens. I bought my first Konica T in 1969 with a 50mm 1.2, it was perhaps the best 50mm I have ever used. In 71 I traded in the T for a Nikon F because I needed a motor drive. The Ts have flash sync at 1/125th and full information view finder. The T 4 added a winder, not full motor drive, slowed the flash syn to 1/60, the FS and other bodies with build in winders were slow, did not have full information in the view finder, and I dont think were as rugged as the Ts. In the past couple of years I have collected a number of Konica bodies and a hand full of lens. I have tested the 50MM 1.8, 1.4 28 3.5 and 135 3.5 and 200mm F 4, the 200 is not the pro version. My testing shows all to be very sharp, as sharp or sharper than my Pentax M 42s and Canon FD primes I had. I use hearing aid batteries in the T3, meters well.