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On the D5, when I change formats, besides the lens, I have to adjust the position/height of the lens carrier, so why not just swap lens boards at that time? I can see this if I was still in school where the guy printing would have to print from various sizes of film. But at home things are more stable, I am printing usually from just 1 film size. And I've never used a lens turret before, so I have no practical experience to compare it with a single lens setup.
I'm about to pick up a second enlarger for less than $40. If you have the space you may be able to just get another enlarger and use that for one format and the other for a different format. Then everything is set up when you turn the thing on. No adjustments of any type needed. I thought I was kind of sick in the head for thinking of getting another enlarger just for that but in the "how many enlargers do you have" thread quite a few people seem to have the same sickness.