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I just discovered the J12, seems like a good price, is it worth it? I can't find any CV lenses on eBay, is this shorthand for something? I found the Canon 35 f/2 also, is that a good buy? This particular listing tells me the aperture blades are oily and has marks on them, but i think im going to shoot wide open always.
CV is Cosina Voighlander
they are multi coated with lerge hoods tolerant of back light situations, high refractive index glasz good off axis performance.

J12 are single coated and can do iris images with sun in or just outside frame

The Canon LTM f/235mm is excellent lens but in ex condition is x1.5 times the $ of a CV, the oil on blades is not critical in a rfdr camera, they tend to gall and stick otherwise. It is single coated and can flare without a hood. It is a small lens for a f/2, but larger then the CV 35mm.

Some people prefer the SC lenses for the adaptive compression they provide pastel plastic colours, fill in shadows in mono. Subjective thing.