Hello all,

I have a problem with my Ilford 500 head and I hope that some of you set me on the right track.
I'll save you a long boring story of a blown up halogen bulb, lots of bad karma and a broken color filter.

Replacing my filters in the filter holder, after cautiously unscrewing the two halves of the holder to insert the filters and re-screwing them ever so cautiously, I have a problem with the anti heat filter. It won't stay in the grooves and it keeps on falling off. I must add that the holder is tight after re-screwing. It is as if the grooves of the anti heat filter were slightly too far apart to hold the filter in place.

What would you recommend I do? Do you think that I could insert something in the grooves to help hold the anti heat filter? I am obviously concerned about the heat generated by the bulb, and whether in doing so I would not make a matter worse.

Any advise welcome. Could I be really the only one with this problem?