You can even get a CFL fixture and a couple sheets of white foamcore to do the trick. And you can vary the look by crinkling and re-smoothing aluminum foil and taping it to one side of the foamcore to use as a specular fill as opposed to a soft fill with the white side. Those little mirrors you can get at the dollar store are also good as fill lights for really small subjects. I know they're not cheap and they're not cool running, but it would also be good to get something like a Lowel id Light - They're 55-100 watts (so not too super-hot to handle), and more importantly they're focusable from broad beam to spot. You can soften them with diffusion (bedsheet or reflector) or use them as a point light source if you want. If you ever want harder, contrastier light and you're using CFL bulbs, you can't really do it because they're a soft light source. Sure you can pull the light back further but then you're running into inverse square falloff issues.