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the OP was asking about famous people / professionals.
i think famous people and professionals who use HOLGAS
and other cameras like it are relatively competent photographers ...
and if they aren't ... who cares ?
I believe I addressed that...

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Frankly I don't really have an issue with pros picking and choosing reasonable tools to express their artistic vision.
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kodak did this for decades
agfa and argus ( and everyone else too ) ...whats the difference ?
The difference is it's 2013. In the 1940's there was no internet, ebay, craigslist, cheap Walmart film send out service, etc. With the collapse in the film market and the rise in consumer spending power, at least relative to the 1940s-1970s, all kinds of vistas have been opened. Why ignore them? In the 1950s I wouldn't be telling people to consider the cheaper better alternative on ebay. There was no alternative. And 60 years from now maybe all the used working equipment will be gone and my advice will be different. I don't know.

Besides Kodak has done some marketing things in the past that I was critical of and no one thought it was odd that I criticized them. To me they are just corporate entities. A critical comment about one of their departments isn't going to bother me.

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Huh. Okay.

I remember this thread too from a while back. It's possible that my memory transposed some hasselblad lens onto his canon lenses but I'm pretty sure there is another similar thread out there somewhere with a hasselblad and an actual comparison of the image centers. http://photo.net/alternative-cameras-forum/00U5Ts

A comment in that thread compares rollei and holga but he's probably lying through his teeth too. The nerve of us people.
The link I provided shows objectively that Rollei made some cameras that are not the top of the sharpness leader board. So I'm not sure why you would say the guy is "probably lying through his teeth." Frankly I steer clear of Rollei TLRs because there are so many of them and I simply don't have the time to figure out which ones are worth chasing and which ones are really a good deal.

Anyway even with my link I was to a degree just trusting the guy's methodology since I have no inclination to gather a bunch of lenses and test them. He himself even admits with one lens he feels he made a testing error because the numbers a so bad. But his methodology is better than looking at a bunch of small images. Looking at shrunken images on the internet is not the way to determine lens sharpness nor compare sharpness across various lenses. I did not purchase a Zeiss lens based upon some shrunken sharpened images on the internet. Frankly particularly with marque names like Zeiss I am especially careful not to fall prey to the unscientific things said about them on the internet. I own a couple of Zeiss lenses and while they are nice I don't really see this amazing magical quality some people say they have.