The cinematographers and SFX people used to visit Kodak research and show us what was wrong with the films and how to improve them in terms of speed and curve shape (using the best examples).

To illustrate, the Dmax of ECN and the interneg films were just fine until all of these SF movies came along and then ILM found that there was not enough black for outer space SFX, and so space was gray! They used a work around, but came to EK to plead for more Dmax, which meant a longer tone scale. We did it.

Along the way, they showed us outcuts from some SF movies with SFX "bloopers". They also ran some footage at slow speed to show "bloopers" that were left in the final films, because the human eye could not see them at projection speed.

Anyhow, just another reason to use Kodak film... The cooperative effort with Hollywood people. We even had a KRL office in Hollywood staffed by 2 or more KRL engineers to help them.

Fuji did not!