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Can I ask what is the evidence for the matrix metering of the F5 and F100 being designed for chromes? I'd have thought that when both these cameras came out, chrome sales were already declining and most users were shooting B&W and colour neg.

What Chan Tran has said seems to render the very extensive matrix memory of the F100 and the F5 almost useless or certainly seriously defective for users of B&W and colour neg as exposure compensation will not rectify the situation.

There is nothing from Nikon as to the matrix metering system is designed for. So that I had to send my camera back to Nikon for calibration because I thought it was bad calibration. But twice it came back the same. My film test showed the results. No publication details how the matrix is supposed to work and thus my question how to think like one. I know that it gave me many underexposure for color negative film (and I assume it would be similar for B&W). It's to the point that after 2 years of trying I don't use it any more. Film test on slides gave excellent results sometimes to my surprise because I wouldn't think of exposing it that way if I were to use a spot meter. Only when I got the slides back they looked good but not to my intention. Using the F5 matrix meter to determine exposure for my coolpix also gave good results.