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It seems that now that Fotokemika has left the market we have:

Other than Rollie Foma makes all of the house brand 120s, I am not sure who makes Rollie, some may be orphaned rolls of Agfa, over the years may have been coated by Fotokemika.

I have seen any Lucky or other films from China, dont know if China still makes any film.

Foma house brands seem to be the cheapist. I happen to like Foma 200 and 100 in 120 and 4X5, I also use Foma 400 in 35mm when I want an older looking film, Trx from the 70s.
Who makes Adox products? Need to know that Rodinal(Adonal) will be made somehow.

If they go out of business I'll petition ilford to buy the formula, Rodinal must survive! Haha


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