One of the dilemma's i am having shooting film is that I am shooting roll and roll, for weeks on end, and not seeing any results. I am new enough to film (6 months) that I haven't learned how to develop or any darkroom practices, nor is their a darkroom anywhere near me at the moment. That said, I record every shot i take meticulously, and generally know how i want each roll developed. For the first 5 rolls of film I shot, I took them to central camera in chicago (i no longer live in chicago), and by the end of the process, it cost me $85 to get everything developed and printed. I cannot afford to do that every week, nor do i want everything printed.

So 1) I need recommendations on where i can get send the film to be developed and 2) should i get contact prints?

Again I'm quite new to the game, but contact prints on a 35mm are gonna be quite challenging to see correct? I have considered getting a scanner for the time being and using Lightroom, at least i can see what is going on.

Any advice would be great.