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Makes me fear the day I can afford to get into larger formats... for now I am safe due to finances.
I could tell you a few tips that would help you get into LF inexpensively...I'm the ultimate bottom-feeder when it comes to LF.

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One thing, perhaps a bit off topic - I find that when I shoot 35mm most of the shots are done with the camera on its side (vertical)... Has anyone else had this phenomenon?
The vast majority of my photographs are taken vertically, in every format from 35mm to 8x10. In fact, the reason I'm working on a 6x14 panoramic camera is primarily to shoot vertical panoramics. (I think "vertical panoramic" is probably a non-sequitor.)

If I crop a 6x6 print to standard paper size, I find that I almost always crop it vertically.

I have nothing against horizontal composition, and in fact most of the artwork on my walls is horizontal...but for some reason I'm drawn to vertical compositions. Probably brain damage from my mis-spent youth.