I am mechanically inclined with my vehicles, I do my own repairs in that aspect, but not as much with smaller things (no experience & less small tools) that being said, I might look into it.

Got the FM in the mail today. Seems my luck is holding. Everything mostly seems to work fine except 2 things - the film advance will wind over and over, doesn't seem to lock, unless it's because I haven't loaded film - and the meter might not be working. I put in new batteries (though they may be suspect, I had another set from the same batch that died in my FE after about 2 days - another pair have been in the FE for a month with no issues) and the LED on the - (underexposed) stays lit. I put it on ASA 3200, f/2.8, 1 second shutter, and still shows underexposed. And yeah, the lens cap is removed On the bright side, the back opens nice and easy. I just push the locking lever, and pull up and it pops open just like it should. Haha.

Mostly bought it for the lens though, so I might just look for a handheld light meter to use with it if it turns out the rest works.

Also turns out the guy (garry's camera) working on my FA says he can't fix the DOF preview lever. Sigh.