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Minolta XD-5 body, missing back jammed. $15

Data back D for Minolta XD-5, XD-7, XD-11. Looks exc, not tested, $15

Minolta XE-5 bodies (two) one fires on X only, other one jammed $20 for both

Minolta SRT-201, engraved on chrome right of viewfinder, may work (?) $15

Canon Pellix. Jammed, finder has brown spot. $10

Back for first (ASA 1600) mechanical version of Canon F-1. Also fits 2nd (ASA 3200) mechanical version. Clean, $20.

Nikon FE, black, fires on M90 only. $15.

Not all are complete or pristine. Sold “as is”. These are NOT sold as working cameras. Buyer pays shipping & Paypal fees.

Ask (Privately please) if you want a certain part and I can tell you if it is present and/or send photo.