I was originally leaning towards picking up a hasselblad 500 or 501, but have recently been looking at many images made on Mamiya 6's and 7's and the sharpness of the photos are spectacular. Here is one great example http://www.brucepercy.co.uk - I really, really like 6x6 (which eliminates the mamiya 7's). I'm typically out carrying my camera for hours at a time, so the Mamiya would be ideal for weight/size. That said, I have never used a rangefinder, only slr's, so it kinda freaks me out that I won't be looking through the lens. I suppose I'm afraid I'm afraid of framing wrong on distant shots, ect. I think I am quite reliant upon looking through lens and having magnification to know precisely what's happening. I use a grid focusing screen b/c i like to know where the middle of the image is, so it would certainly be a change.

Is it an easy transition to shooting a rangefinder? How conducive is it to landscapes?