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If the dots appear always at the same place and with same pattern , it is lens.
Otherwise it is film or development.
Do you see the same at every frame ?
Try to shoot 12 frame to sky and develop it . Did you see the problem at single roll or many rolls.
Everyone is burning his nerves to help you. Write everything and every detail plus your film , expiry date and developer etc .
No, the place and pattern does not appear always at the same place and is not present at every frame but only on some with very bright sky. This last detail made me think about internale reflections of the lens. I experienced, to some degree, the same problem both with fomapan 200 creative and efke 100 R film. Both films are quite "fresh" as they will expire in 2-3 years. In both cases I used rodinal developer. 1+50 for fomapan and 1+25 for efke.