My grandfather was an avid nature (mostly flower, some bird and general wilderness) photographer, and consequently put together a large macro- and long-lens system around an Autoreflex T2. I rescued it from his basement a couple of years ago and have been gradually getting it back into service for my girlfriend, who is also fond of macro. I've been favourably impressed. The shutter release isn't as nice as my Pentaxen, because part of the auto-exposure mechanism is driven by the initial press of finger on shutter button. The same is true of the Olympus 35RC, and, I expect, other early electro-mechanical auto-exposure cameras. In other respects, though, it's a solid and comfortable camera with lenses that I've never heard any complaints about. I certainly don't have any.

I've already got a 35mm SLR system and don't need another, but otherwise I'd cheerfully keep and use the Konica.