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Thank you for your reply, For your art , you bought one of the best cameras ever made and using 3 year expired foma and efke. I dont know if water spots could be cleaned with rewash but try it. And rescan the above photograph. Its a half hour business. I have a Rollei 35 S and it has the collection of every kind of mulfunction , lens oil , dirt , not working slow speeds etc. I wish your camera have any of lens problems.
And for good sake , use Kodak or Ilford film fresh. I suspect Rodinal long development could not be good for cheap expired film .
I dont think but cant be sure , that you have a lens problem. Buy a good film , put camera to safe place and shot many highlight pictures .
Best way and fastest way to be sure , use a good store lab and color negative film. Try with Kodak Ektar , its a high contrast film and reveal all lens spot at your camera.

Good , really good luck.
Thanks Mustafa,
for sure I will experiment again with it and I will switch back to Ilford (I'm a long time user of hp5+ and fp4+ Ilford film on 35mm). I tried foma and and efke only for sake of experimentation but foma gave me also some problems with scratches (it's a pity because I like it's tonality!) and efke finally gave up with the businness a couple of months ago and is no longer available. Only a precisation: the films are NOT expired and will expire in 2-3 years (sorry for my bad english, I probably made some confusion in my previous post). Thanks for your suggestions!