+1 on both darkroom.com and developing yourself. I now develop and scan at home with a dedicated film scanner. Developing is super easy. There are several good videos on YouTube that show the whole process. I started with Eco-PRO (XTOL) but have used Rodinal (some clone actually, got it from Freestyle.) Rodinal is a little easier to work with because you only mix what you need. I like the look of ECO-PRO better, but that is part of the fun of developing yourself. I too was concerned about the economics, but after developing my first roll I didn't care! The fact that I could shoot a roll and see the results in the same day made me not care about the initial equipment purchase.

I am currently suffering from DAS (developer acquisition syndrome). I now have DD-X and Pyrocat HD and am considering mixing some Obsidian Aqua. I now have far more developer than I have actual time to shoot and develop! Day job you know.

Good luck!
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