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I've owned a number of different TLR's in my time. Dust, haze, fungus, coating disintegration,any of these can be present in the taking lens. minor dust should not be a problem, but if it is excessive and there is haze/fungus present, then it will need a clean, otherwise pictures lacking in contrast will result.
An easy way to test the lens, is open the back, open the aperture fully, then hold the camera up to the light, and press the shutter on "B" holding it open. any dust, fungus, coating damage will become apparent.
A professional clean is he only remedy. If there is fungus coupled with coating deterioation it may not be worth the cost of a clean. Only you can decide.
Hi rolleiman. As suggested by another poster I did the test against a light bulb and while no fungi or haze are present, some dust is present on the internal elements. Contrast seems to be quite fine anyway. Don't know about coating but, if present, it should be very "light". I'm used to more "modern" lenses from nikkor and the coloration given by the coating is very evident... so, I don't know about this lens, but I cannot recognize any color on the taking lens.