I've been doing some testing of both Slavich Unibrom and Bromportrait for lith work and getting results that I find quite satisfying.

I've not used a great amount as yet, so it's hard to say if there are quality or consistency issues, but both types are capable of lith development and can produce fairly repeatable results. I'd agree that Foma MG Classic 131 is probably the best paper to start with if you are new to lith work, but the results with that can be quite 'colourful' and are not to everyone's taste. This colour can be modified by various after-treatments though.

My most recent print used the two-pass lith method: lith development/bleached in copper bleach/re-developed in lith, and this is producing some interesting split-toned effects on Bromportrait.


I've written about my experiences on my site: www.real-photographs.co.uk and will continue to do so as more examples are produced.