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Thanks for the comments John, I agree with all your points actually. Tech Pan for me, is a film to use on overcast cloudy days with dull light, which is how most days are where I live, so it's my sort of film.

Today I shot a roll of Tech Pan and forgot to change the ISO setting on the camera so it was shot at ISO 64. I'll extend dev time and cross my fingers, i doubt pushing will make for the best results but they might still be okay with a bit of luck.
I think you'll be okay, but the negs might lack a tad on shadow detail and be a bit punchy. I've went as high as asa/iso 50, but never really any higher as far as I can remember. My iso 50 shots came out okay, but certainly not as good as iso 25. I have shot it as low as iso 6 and 12, but for my equipment and Rodinal 1:200 iso 25 worked best. Tech Pan is like an old, comfortable pair of shoes that got trashed without you knowing it. You never knew how good you had it until they were gone and the blisters returned. Three Kodak films I really miss are Verichrome Pan 120, Panatomic-x 35mm and Tech Pan 35mm in that order. Have fun and happy shooting! JohnW