Not a generalization whatsoever. And not just marketing hype either. I own and use quite a variety of these lenses, and have owned various others in the past. And baloney that they aren't apo except the Apo El Nikkor. I have a whole suite of regular Apo Nikkors, and they are mfg to higher color standards than dedicated enlarger lenses, just with smaller max apertures. Yes, I'm aware of my friend Ctein's opinion of the Apo El based on tests way back when - but he doesn't own or use one of those either. They are simply too heavy for most enlargers, and frankly, overkill for most applications. Too much MTF and you actually start picking out tiny blemishes in negative carrier, on the film, etc. Too much of a good thing. But they are currently prized by folks who need a highly corrected lens for scanning backs for copying paintings etc, and do well enough at it to afford that kind of thing.