Hi Fred:

Be sure you use silver oxide replacement batts as opposed to alkaline batts.

I put in a new set of Silver Oxides and the meter needle still hovered around "14" in battery check mode, and the older set of batts checked out via a voltmeter, so if the range within the battery check area is indicative of battery "strength" I might need to opt-in to a new set.

Note to all:

I had the chance to get out into the world over the weekend to do some comparative metering with the Pentax and my Gossen Luna-Pro F ( a meter with known accuracy) with the Gossen spot attachment, in some fairly bright, big-Sun high contrast conditions. They both metered similar objects, large enough to have consistently lighted areas with both the tight Pentax spot and the wider Gossen, with equivalent results, so I feel good about the Pentax calibration. Film was also exposed to get a "real" result vs. the meters, so I will have that back very soon.

It is amazing the sensitivity of the Pentax to slight introductions of contrast into the metering zone, the meter responds immediately to the changes.

If other Spot meter users want to comment on the meter or general techniques, please reply!