I made the mistake of picking up some (over-priced) Lomography Earl Grey 120 film at that hipster store in a Detroit mall. I can't remember when the last time was that I found 120 film at a mall, so I opened my wallet with the thought that I was bleeding a little for the overall film community.

It's Lomo film, so I loaded it into my Holga and used up my three rolls. Now, I happen to have one of those Holgas that do not leak light. In addition, I have added a heavy black flap to cover the film counter hole - I only lift it when I am advancing my film. There should be no possibility of light contamination, but I processed the first two rolls yesterday and I can clearly see every printed marking on the backing paper exposed on the film. I am assuming this happened in the camera and not in their production line, but I have no frame of reference for how else it could happen. This never happens with Ilford or Kodak films, so I had recently begun to think of my extra protection over the film counter to be over-kill for a non-existent problem. What bugs me is that this is a film that is specifically marketed for the Holga crowd, and if it is indeed a failure of the backing paper, then it is very poor business indeed.

I have no question, and there really isn't much that bears discussion here, (unless anyone else wants to chime in) but I just wanted to vent about my wasted time, money and effort.