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It's more about the mirror slap, even at 1/30 it's pretty hard to get a clear image even with some cheap tripods some mirrors just slap hard, heck the Mamiya RZ67's amd Hassleblad mirrors are so heavy at 1/60 you have to be careful.

I am pretty steady and HAVE hand held long lenses, heck I can hand hold my 70-200 lens at 1/30 without IS but that's because the dampener on the new 5D is AMAZING not so with older SLR's


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Medium format SLRs have much bigger mirrors thus more effect from the slap. I will shoot with my 35mm SLRs at speeds I wouldn't attempt with my Mamiya 645. 6x6 of course is another step up and yet another to 6x7.

My comment about doing well at 1/30th was referring to 35mm.