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Please permit an Old Timer to put in his two bits worth. I took a lot of photos in the 1960s and 1970s and am now making large prints and displaying them in galleries. I sold one yesterday. The idea I am trying to get across is that you should think before you go for the cheapest film. Film lasts a heck of a long time and you may want to go the gallery route in 50 years. I have a photo I took with a Brownie Reflex box camera in 1947 and it is dynamite! Think about it.
I agree wholeheartedly in the overall spirit of this but its hard sometimes to remember in the exuberance of an exciting new hobby when young or otherwise, and perhaps having limited funds but wanting to shoot as much as possible. In such circumstances it's hard to not be attracted to the cheaper emulsions. With chrome films the long term lasting of the dyes can be an issue I imagine but your old school B&W emulsions are basically quite similar and fixed and washed properly should last as long as any I would think. But I could be wrong... :-)