Hi Everyone

My name is Ken I am new to this forum and so kindly ask for peoples directions and opinions about a product I want to create. I am an independant innovator and looking for people who can help me develop an instant film device similar to the pogo polaroid and the LG pocket zink printer. I am hoping to present this on Kickstarter and believe there is a great potential interest for the product. Personally I believe it looks better than the impossible projects camera launched on kickstarter. My issues so far is that I do not have a prototype except for concetual 3D renderings. I have contacted polaroid who would unfortunately be interested only when I have a prototype and also tried contacting Fujifilm and even Zink... which sadly have not responded to me via email. I am looking for suggestions on how I can commercialise my product and possibly potential developers who I can share the earnings if successful later on.

Thank you Kindly