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It's not light coming through the backing paper but the ink on the backing paper affecting the emulsion of the wrap of film above.

This has recently been discussed: http://www.apug.org/forums/forum37/1...exposures.html

Kodak needs your support and they make the world's best film, bar none - why not buy their film?

Lomography only sells crap film because they buy it for nothing and can sell it at outrageous prices to fools who don't know better. Pretty soon the numbers on the negative will be 'hipster cool'.
This makes sense now that I think of it. The markings are over the entire film and not just where the viewing port is.

As for supporting Kodak, Nicholas, I have been doing the picture-a-day challenge since January 1, 2010... the majority on Kodak films. Forgive a guy for making an impulse buy to experiment with a new film. Preach to someone else, please.