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Film has to be loaded in total darkness.

Sounds like a Paterson tank. They are made to be developed in daylight and you can pour chemistry in and out with no problems. Does the film reel sit on a central column and there's a funnel that clicks into place on top with a hole in the centre to pour chemistry in and out?

No, that will fog the film. it's not safe to have light on the film until after fixing.
Try again - it's a simple process once you get it right.

Thanks Michael, I got it right the next day, well night actually. I guess I need a changing bag if I dont wanna develop all my films at night!

Its like a patterson tank, but not quite the same - is light tight though. Its a little weird in that the hole to pour liquid in is at the bottom, so I keep the tank inverted, most of the time.
Was asking about the light exposure cos its just a pain to pour water into the tank - was thinking of washing direct under the tap.
I think I need to get the times more correct. I ran the same dev and fixer on a colour roll but for much longer times both (30mins/wash/15mins) and it resulted in decent output thru. Need to scan the negatives and see how they come out.