Thanks all, I think based on ambaker (who actually did it) and the others who say it's not as reflective, I'm going to am for the sun...

As far as the RZ issue, I totally forgot about the whole shutter in the lens bit, I don't know why... DUH!

I only have IR film in 120 (except for 2 rolls of HIE I JUST acquired but I don't want to waste that on the moon or sun) so I guess I'll have to buy some Rollei in 35mm for this experiment.

So I have 36 exposures to play with, perhaps I'll shoot the sun AND a few frames of the moon just to be sure.

Polyglot that was very helpful, thanks.

Moose, I might take a few shots with no filter for the heck of it.

Thanks! NOW, since I don't need a telescope to use with my canon I need to find someone with a 600mm or 800mm lens... hmmm.... hehe