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Thanks Michael, I got it right the next day, well night actually. I guess I need a changing bag if I dont wanna develop all my films at night!

Its like a patterson tank, but not quite the same - is light tight though. Its a little weird in that the hole to pour liquid in is at the bottom, so I keep the tank inverted, most of the time.
Was asking about the light exposure cos its just a pain to pour water into the tank - was thinking of washing direct under the tap.
I think I need to get the times more correct. I ran the same dev and fixer on a colour roll but for much longer times both (30mins/wash/15mins) and it resulted in decent output thru. Need to scan the negatives and see how they come out.
When I started developing film I used a bucket and the see-saw method always at night in my father's garage. Later I used always work at night as that would be when I was not at school or work. It is only in the last 8 years that I built a 'darkroom' to use in the daytime.

Washing under the tap is fine, just make sure if the wash is after the developer and you do it total darkness. As others have said total darkness until after the fixer.

As for the colour, brilliant I only thought of developing colour neg film in B&W chemistry in the last three years. I now process a lot of 35mm cine film as B&W reversal!