So I've got a question I've been pondering for a bit. Like the OP, I've noticed lots of non-SLR Konica cameras get rave reviews and the glass is to be considered exceptional. But, I don't here much about Konica SLRs. I'm wondering if they are very good cameras compared to 1960s-1980s Nikons, Pentaxes, Olympus OMs, and Canons. The reason I'm asking is I've been meaning to get a manual focus SLR for a bit. Nikon would be the logical choice, because it is what I already use for SLRs, but the Konica's I've found online are often very cheap and come with lenses. The Nikons and others generally don't come with a lens and are more than double the price (say $60 for a Konica with 50/1.9 vs a $120+ Nikon).

I'm glad this thread came up. I was going to post a thread regarding this, but this thread here works perfectly.