I recently shot a partial roll of a mystery film someone on another forum sent to me. The canister says "GAF Recording Film Type 2005", the base is purple, and the rebate says "GAF SAFETY" and "2005".

Someone with an old imaging handbook found that it was designed to take photographs of hydrogen bubble chambers, CRT readouts, and other scientific equipment; its original speed was 100-160 in the 1970s. Manufacturer development information was nowhere to be found, so I stand developed it in 1:100 Rodinal for one hour.

As an aside, I have been searching for a certain low-contrast, high-grain aesthetic for ages, and I finally nailed it (by accident) by metering a 120 roll of Fuji Acros wrong:

Untitled by atomicthumbs, on Flickr

Anyway, the results from this GAF film turned out to be exactly the kind of aesthetic I have been searching for, except reproducible. I may have underexposed this roll, so I'm going to try shooting the next one at 80 ASA. Here are selected results:

KPH 7 by atomicthumbs, on Flickr

KPH 9 by atomicthumbs, on Flickr

My question: is there any film and developer combination that's currently in production which will yield similar, reproducible results? I have five rolls of this GAF film left, and the person who sent it to me has forty, and is planning to shoot them himself. Ideally, I would like to produce photos like this forever, and I'm hoping it's possible. Bonus points if it's available in 120, so I can take advantage of my Pentax 67.