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Agreed, but my use of the Lucky films was specifically for the lack of an A-H layer. There was another thread recently on the topic of films without the A-H backing. It's an acquired taste, but a look that can be exploited nicely in the right photo.

Agreed. I have used SHD100 like this, and have made some nice portraits with it. In very low-contrast lighting the halo effect is much reduced, and the film can be used to get more or less normal results. But for harsh lighting and graphical sort of photos it is definitely not the film to use.

I have also used ERA and it is a much better film overall, quite akin to FP4 or Plus X Pan, to my eye at least. I got 20 rolls of it in 35 mm, and haven't been able to source more of it. The frames are not numbered, so to find a negative out of several similar ones is sometimes a slight pain. So I just number them on the outside of the sleeves with a permanent marker. As long as they go back in the same place - problem solved.