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Yep, Hawthorn as in Melbourne. I see you are looking at telecine as well. That is another project of mine. We should bang heads. As for the processor it is still being drawn up. Every time I run 10 one hundred ft rolls through the Lomo tank I am reminded of why I want a machine.
Yeah, the machine is a distant goal of mine too. I actually have one that I inherited however it's not in working order & will need a lot to bring it back.

As for telecine....well, that's a whole other world. (and other forum!)

Good to hear there's people out there still shooting 16mm & 8mm though. Given that the whole industrial model of film production is collapsing, I kind of think (and hope) that its survival is largely dependent on decentralising and scaling down the whole thing.

I don't know. Can film survive without the industrial/mechanical model? I like to think it can. Wonder what others think.