For a couple of weeks, I've seen three or four good sunrises.

A great part of my daily commute happens to be right in the coast (mediterranean, Barcelona), right where many tourists love to go down the beach. It's a great sight for the morning commute, with very nice seascape, but impossible to take pictures of.

The first one was particularly impressive, lovely to see the light building up. Hold a very orange-red on the sunrise side, and pinkish-violet on the other side of the sky. For the whole of it. Really nice. Sadly I entered the tunnels before it completely decayed.
Cirrus give good sunsets, but sometimes, those stratocumulus that hold a very strong orange-red are more impressive.

As of sunsets, they are quite nice, but not particularly impressive. Here, seemingly, Colours get much better at twilight, not when the sun is touching the horizon.