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What developer are you using? I've heard that some work better than others, for avoiding the curl. I've got 10 rolls waiting to be used here.

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Apologies for the belated response. This was my first run with both Shanghai films and a Yashica D camera so I just went "by the book", so to speak. D-76 1:1 for 14 minutes at 20c/68f. Agitate for the first 30 seconds, then ten seconds every minute thereafter. Thirty seconds agitated in stop. Around seven minutes in the fix (a couple more than I usually would, but I've already had a few rolls through it). Ten minutes wash using a modified version of the Ilford wash - agitate ten times, dump; agitate 20 times, dump, agitate 30 times, dump. Then a minute or two soaking in Photoflo. I also let the shower run until it fills with steam before hanging my film with two clips at the top of the negative and two weighted ones at the bottom. As mentioned, none of the aforementioned problems whatsoever.

With regard to those advocating the complete avoidance of any "cheapie" films - for those of us who are just testing the waters, whether switching from digital, coming back to film, trying out a new camera - these films are invaluable. If it weren't for the price of, say, LegacyPro films when I first got back into film a few years ago, I'd have been too paralysed to ever trip the shutter. The availability of Shanghai GP3 120 film gave me a little bit of breathing room, economically, to invest in a medium format camera that I'd never have bought had I only had access to the more expensive films. One of these days I hope to take photos worthy of a better medium but, until then, I choose to commit my atrocities to the cheapest film and paper I can get my hands on.
There HAS to be a market for the novice, the dabbler, the plain, old flat broke or there won't be a "beginners" level to start in; ergo, no newcomers moving into film photography and taking it to a professional level. Then, also, not everyone wants to take it to that level.