Morning all. (or evening if it's that time for you)

My name is Ben from Sydney here in Australia. and after many years shooting 1's and 0's I realised i needed to get back to shooting on film. So I dusted off my old ME Super and to my horror it withered away in it's retirement and died. Not giving up that easy I put on Neil Young's "Harvest" album and stripped down and re-built the camera, a few hours later she was happy and snapping away. Out of the house i ran to the nearest camera store. Pointing like a little kid in a candy store i point to a few rolls of BW400CN in the fridge behind the counter and some LR44's. I quickly throw money to the slightly confused salesperson and used the coin change to open up the battery compartment and quickly threaded the film. As soon as i fired off that first frame, I was in bliss again and after a few hours and some rolls later I went over to one of my favourite labs to get the rolls developed. 20 mins later i checked the negs and to my horror the flim was fogged (just a little, not a lot) after looking at my camera's inner bit's i came to the realisation that the seals were on there way out.

So after a few day of trawling used camera sites i managed to find a light seal kit and got a few more cameras, A Pentax Super Program and a K2, buckets of film and chems. (here's to UPS hoping that they don't nuke the film in a X-ray machine)

while I wait for all the goodies to arrive I've started to slowly sneak more and more of my old darkroom bits and pieces into the bathroom hoping the misses wouldn't notice, I was going well until I dragged in the projector. we reached an agreement though, As long as i don't use up all the chems and save some for her.

Goddamit I missed film, it really get's you back to basics and really makes you work for that frame. plus that sweet sweet look of film.

So here's to film, and APUG. I don't want to shoot digital any more (or at least for a while if work permits)

Have a good one!