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I'm looking forward to buy a 8x10 enlarger (the smallest possible) but they are not very common here in New Zealand
I assume you have an 8x10 camera? Just get a cheap monorail and turn it into an enlarger. I did it "for a day" with my old 8x10 Anthony. I wanted to make a 16x20 from an 8x10 negative. I used gaffers' tape to suspend the negative in the film gate (removed ground glass stage). The old 14" Wollensak lens was stopped down to f11 for some sharpness. For the light source I powered back a monolight attached a small softbox, and pulsed the strobe for the exposure (used model light to focus). It worked nice and made dodge/burn easy. I remember I did something like 20 pulses overall, 3 or 4 for the edges, an extra for the bottom.. IF you keep your dodger close to the lens you don't get a sharp shadow... anyway it was a bridal print that turned out nice.