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I have a mint condition QL17 GIII on route to me from Canada at the moment... you missed one!
Curses! That looks like mine! My precioussssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

I mean, uhm... yeah, well - good for you, like, totally, worst camera EVERRRR!

Seriously, though - you will love it. I was just looking at some shots from mine and that little lens seems very, very sharp to the best of my ability to tell, and seems to render nice contrast in B&W. Plus, its from Canada, so it was probably used as a hockey puck or to beat way-ward polar bears over the noggin, eh?

But, you know, if you want a real RF of substance... what about a Canter Beauty? Those have to be worth like a $1000 or something. I just happen to have one lying around...