Just got a Nikon FM off eBay (I just never learn...though I mostly was buying the lens, FM was a bonus), and it seems to work pretty well, except the meter. At first, I couldn't get it to do anything besides light up underexposed (-). I set it to ASA 3200, 1 second shutter, and had the lens (28mm f/2.8) wide open...and it was saying underexposed - even with a bright subject. Switched to the 50mm f/1.8 lens, and played with it at bit, eventually got it to show up switching between over/proper exposure when pointing at my ceiling light (with the same ASA/shutter as before). I figured this was at least better, as it was showing some amount of reaction, but I new that it was wrong.

After some searching online, some had luck with just turning the ASA and shutter, blowing compressed air at it. I twisted about for awhile, and it had definitely gotten better, though I'm pretty sure it is still off. I don't have a can of compressed air, so haven't tried that yet.

Anyone have a similar circumstance in the past? I'm hoping some use wakes it up, since it has shown large improvement just in about 5-10 minutes of fiddling, but thought I'd check and see if anyone here has suggestions or experienced something similar.