I remember reading the ads in the photo magazines back in 69 when I started looking for a SLR. I wound up with a Spotmatic F because it had open aperture metering. I know some cameras at the time didn't, but don't know which ones. The price and reviews on the Pentax were great so that's what I got. The Konica from what I remember seemed like a so called third party manufacturer compared to Nikon, Canon, Pentax and Minolta although I seem to remember some full page ads of the Konica system. The Nikon F I know was hyped big time and seemed like everybody's dream camera. My price range with lens was more in line with the Pentax and Minolta lineup and after handling them both at a local Mall store decided on the smaller camera. I don't remember there being a Konica to handle. I think it was more of a order item, or truck into Chicago, and that didn't work for me.