get your hands on some transparency film, load up the camera(s) and actually put the meters, side by side, to effective testing, metering each scene identically with each meter, taking the notes (yes, write down what the meter is telling you), exposing as per one meter, then the next, and in the end, scrutinising the results.


I fully agree with your comments, I am new to the meter and the adaptation to it at the moment is "cheaply" done just getting out on the streets and putting it to work against a known resource (the Gossen). Transparencies are the ultimate test of exposure accuracy, shutter speeds, etc.


There is an adjustment potentiometer inside that sets the mid range position for battery indication.

Thanks for this knowledge, if/when I go the calibration route this will get modified.


EV philosophy from various manufacturers is not consistent. I don't bother to remember the details.

Thanks for this, I found out with the Pentax that it was at a certain ISO (100). I think the Gossen methodology is more universal (purely EV measurement) but I could be wrong on that. Any contributors want to chime in on the Gossen methodology on EV measurement?

Thanks to all!