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Hey guys,

I was thinking of offering a little on-side service starting this spring and summer. I'm planning to use my Rollei's to shoot with. I'm not going to shoot weddings or anything, something more on a smaller scale. Anyway.. I was wondering if Pro photographer still use film to shoot paying jobs? I searched the internet, and it seems that all the small time photographers shoot digital. Do we have any commercial shooter that use film here? I thought it would be something different and unique to offer the public.


Why no weddings? Jonathan Canlas does a great job with weddings using a film camera. I particularly like what he did with the African American wedding. The skin tones are great. The bulk of the guy's work is just straight forward well exposed and composed film pictures with no gimmicks.

Check out what he did with Portra 400 pushed to 3200.

Given the expense of film and the fact that clients are now getting used to quantity not quality with digital you will have to market your self appropriately and disclose to them they won't be getting hundreds of shots. I think the sophisticated premium market you would have to go after would not be the type of thing small time photographers would generally spend their time on. I personally have encouraged small time photographers to consider offering film to certain clients.