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Still wondering if it is back or Gone...
Well, I've explained it several times here in the thread. O.k., one last time again....

The facts are:

- the film was re-introduced at Photokina 2012
- I got this information at the Fujifilm booth also directly from the responsible Product-& Key Account Manager, Photo Imaging Products
- at Photokina the film was presented both in the showcase at the booth, and in the film flyer / brochures there
- that was visible for all visitors at the booth
- at Photokina the major film distributors also have received direct information from Fujifilm, that Neopan 400 (135) will be available again in autumn 2012.
- this film has not been available in many major markets, and since last autumn it is there available again.

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Note the common batch number of 281. Anyone seen a fresher batch?
In Germany last December Neopan 400 with batch number 281 007, expiry date 2014 / 10 has been sold.

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