First of all, it is indeed very old news. Already discussed here on apug last summer.

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Fujifilm issued a press release that they will discontinue the production of the Natura Classica ($299), Klasse W ($559) and Clear Shot M compact film cameras.

I'm not sure if this means they still make any film cameras. This is a shame, I do hope that we haven't seen the last of Fuji coming out with new modern film cameras.
Well blaming them is quite unfair, because

- e.g. the Klasse W and S cameras were introduced in 2006. At a time when lots of other camera manufacturers already had stopped the production of film cameras
- when they introduced these models they clearly said its a limited series of 8000 cameras, offered in the Japanese market. Now this 8000 batch is sold, that's it.

Kudos to Fuji that they had offered these very fine cameras in the time of the digital tsunami. Any other film manufacturer who introduced such cameras in 2006? No.

If you really want to blame someone, blame the apuggers and members of other film forums.
Because everytime if someone ask whether he should buy a brand new film based camera, then immediately dozens of forum members join in and say "don't buy a new camera, that would be idiotic, you can get it used so much cheaper....and so on".
The same people are then complaining when manufacturers stop production.
Without demand, they of course cannot keep production running.

How much new cameras have you bought recently?

Please don't blame me, I've bought three brand new ones. I've done my part to keep production of film based cameras running.

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