I hate to sound negative when someone wants to be creative and have an idea in mind. But here's my point of view.

The market you are about to enter has two extreme ends. Low end where image quality doesn't really matter and price does, and high end where quality is at most importance and price is secondary. Oh, there is a third... market where novelty is at most importance.

At the low end, there are various portable printers already available.
At the high end, Fuji is the only remaining player and the demands are low.
Novelty market is very unpredictable

Where do you feel your product will really fit in? Also, as you can see in progress of the Impossible project, this is an area where patent and know how are kept very VERY close. There are people working on the idea but most are very experimental at best. Unless you have some revolutionary idea, and present a huge financial gain, no one is going to share their secrets with you.

I hate to put it this way, but I think you have a very difficult road ahead to put it mildly.