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To distinguish it from the other SLRs, it had shutter priority auto exposure. As I understand it, this is the first SLR with autoexposure. Canon introduced a shutter priority SLR in October 1969 with the EXEE but that had a dedicated screw mount with only interchangeable front lens element. The Pentax ES aperture priority SLR didn't get released until 1971.

The other cool thing with the Konica Autoreflex T's shutter priority auto exposure is that it works with all shutter speeds when batteries are dead. Until the release of the Nikon FM3A in 2001, all autoexposure cameras of the aperture priority type, had limited shutter speeds available when batteries are dead.
Both Konica and Miranda's EE had shutter prority, Miranda's had interchangalbe viewfinders but not screens. At the time Miranda was more expensive than Konica and Konica had a full range of lens. In the same time frame Kowa and Petre also offered EE SLRs.