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OK, well I'm at lunch. Compared it to readings on the FE, it looks to be about 3 stops off (if the FE is correct anyway, I haven't had film developed from it.)

When I removed the lens to exercise the meter coupling lever...I noticed the lever is just a hair left of top center (looking at the front of the camera) as far as I know (and the pics in the manual, and online) it seems the lever should be at about a 33 degree angle to the right. Could this have something to do with it, and is there a way to ... return it to its rightful position?
The coupling is supposed to be about 30 degree to the right and not left of center so it's not in the right position. It's spring loaded to return to the right. You can push it back and forth. Won't do any harm. It could be a bit sticky. The fact that it's slight left of center then the camera think the lens is stopped down a few stop and thus your wrong reading. In another word, give it more exercise.